GINSMS Inc. is listed on TSXV: GOK


Mobile Messaging

GINSMS is a mobile technology and services company focusing on 4 areas, namely, Telecom Platforms and Products, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Messaging and Mobile Applications. GINSMS has offices in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia and is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV:GOK) in Canada.

Telecom Platforms and Products
GINSMS owns 100% of Inphosoft Group Pte Ltd (“Inphosoft”), a leader in providing innovative mobile data services and solutions, headquartered in Singapore. Since its inception in 2002, Inphosoft has accelerated mobile data adoption and revolutionized mobile data applications through more than 100 deployments for mobile telecom operators, financial institutions, media companies and enterprises.

Mobile Advertising & New Media
Through its Right Here Media (“RHM”) brand, GINSMS provides a one-stop mobile advertising service to advertisers. These services include the development of creative mobile advertising campaigns for advertisers, the provision of technology to execute these campaigns and the placement of advertisements on mobile advertising networks. RHM also owns mobile advertising inventory in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia that include mobile applications on the Android and iOS platforms. Some of the inventory owned by RHM are the “Happy Hours” series and “Go Mall” series of mobile applications.

Mobile Messaging
GINSMS provides application-to-peer (“A2P”) SMS services to enterprises in Asia and allows these enterprises to use SMS as a communication channel for mobile marketing, mobile transactions, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

Mobile Applications & Technology
GINSMS has a team of Android and iOS mobile application developers based out of Indonesia that provides the group with the technological capability to conduct research and development of “killer applications” as well as to customize and localize applications and content for specific markets. Coupled with GINSMS’s presence in Asia and North America, GINSMS provides partners a vital combination of both technical expertise and access to markets.

Informa1 reported in May 2012 that it forecasts that global SMS traffic will total 9.4 trillion messages by 2016, up from 5.9 trillion messages in 2011, despite the accelerating growth of global mobile instant messaging traffic. It also reported that total global SMS revenues will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 3% over the next five years from 2011.

In a separate report in May 2011 by Juniper Research2, by 2016, global Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging will overtake Person-to-Person (texting) messaging, being worth more than US$70 billion. It can thus be concluded that the SMS business is still a lucrative business and will continue to be a lucrative business over the next few years at least.

GIN International Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of GINSMS, offers a range of mobile services for enterprises via our cloud SMS services to reach their customers or potential corporate clients to enhance their business position by utilizing the advancement of mobile technology. Through application-to-peer (“A2P”) SMS services, enterprises will be able to execute mobile marketing, mobile transactions, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning scenarios such as the following:

  • News & Promotions – With target user profiles, enterprises can send SMS to customers or subscribers immediately on their latest news and promotions
  • Notifications – Enterprises with many networks such as dealers, clients and agents can reach out to these networks immediately with an option to send interactive SMS where a reply is required
  • Personalized greeting / messages - Send out festive or birthday greetings through SMS to customers

GIN International Limited provides direct connections to MNOs worldwide. We supply the platform for enterprises to perform Web SMS Broadcast to their customers or partners. We provide the APIs where you can connect to our gateway directly and send SMS according to your requirements, such as informing customers about latest promotions or breaking news. Enterprises can connect to our gateway directly from their existing ERP/backend systems based on their internal rule settings. Regular detailed reporting and traffic statistics is available from the platform.

GIN International Limited maintains an experienced support team which ensures platform reliability and high levels of availability. Our dedicated 24/7 support makes sure that your mobile messaging services remain running.